Pastor David is a graduate from Emmanuel University in Connelly
Springs, N.C. It is there that he obtained a Doctor of Divinity Degree.
God placed a calling early in his life to preach the gospel.
He recieved the baptism in the Holy Spirit very early into the ministry. 

Many doors have opened up for Pastor David over the years
where he has saw many souls won to God.

He currently reaches over 3 billion people through
shortwave radio where his labor has not been in vain.
Letters come in every week from different areas
of the shortwave outreach with people praising God for
healings, salvation and the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Pastor David preaches the Word of God
with a boldness that is needed in all churches.
He  preaches the truth straight forward and does not compromise.
His love for his sheep truly shows through his messages.

Together with his wife Lisa, God has placed an unlimited vision in
their hearts to reach out to the lost, sick and hurting.
Over the years countless souls have come to know the Lord.

The preaching and teaching of Pastor David and Lisa
have a unique style that reaches out to all ages.

Pastor David and Lisa have a love for God and
a vision for Victory Baptist Church as true shepherds
and  overseers of the house of God. It truly shows
not just at church but everyday in their daily lives.
Pastor David Robinson together with his
wife Lisa have a true shepherd's heart
for Victory Baptist Church.

Anointed by God, many miracles have manifested through their obedience toward God.